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An intimate 12-week experience for high-achieving humans with an ACL injury who want to heal faster and pivot into their most powerful life yet

The next round starts October 16th, 2023

I see you...

an adventure-loving and high achieving athletic human feeling totally beside yourself after an

ACL injury

You’re dying to get back to the activities you miss most so that you can feel like your normal self again and wake up to a days free from thoughts about your knee


it seems like this recovery is taking forever

you (8).png

You don’t know what lies ahead or when this challenging season in life will end 

And you want so badly to feel “normal” again

you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png

Like when you felt strong and attractive in a fit body that seemed to be able to withstand anything


Or when you felt included and important in your friends group – the same friends you love to go on trail runs with


When it seemed like no matter how crazy a day could get, you were always able to stay calm, cool, and collected because you could rely on an end-of-the-day workout to clear your mind

But now you’re struggling – which is hard to admit because you’ve always been able to figure everything out on your own

This time it's different though...

It goes deeper than just being able to be active again

You’re secretly worried about how much your stress and anxious thoughts about this recovery and your future seem to be killing your mojo in so many other areas of your life too

And you’re at the point where you believe the most powerful and loving choice 

you can make is to ask for help

Because you've decided you're not longer available to waste any more time doing this on your own

Instead, you want to be spending that time feeling like your badass self again

Cloudy Fog
you (10).png

I get it – I’ve been in your shoes before too

you (13).png

I understand what it’s like to spend my days feeling anxious, sad, and defeated while rehabbing an ACL injury that seems to have a different timeline than "normal"

I also know what it's like to go through a recovery feeling calm, joyful, and unstoppable


Which is exactly why I help high-achieving ACL warriors like you uplevel the way you think and feel about your knee, your recovery, and the life you dream of getting back to

So that you can feel confident, joyful, and perfectly on track every step of the way AND

accelerate your healing timeline

Just like these clients

you (8).png

who moved FROM hating her body and feeling behind in her rehab just weeks after an ACL reconstruction surgery TO feeling confident and sexy in a bikini while she enjoyed quality time with her Husband in St. Lucia 


you (7).png


who constantly hit new personal records in spin workouts and lifted more weight in a loaded squat just 4 months post-op than she did pre-injury

you (7).png
you (11).png

who learned how to eat food and exercise again from a JOY-centered place, feeling more connected and respected in her marriage all while loving her body – even when she took days off running


you (7).png

Here's how we do it

you (12).png


your untapped healing potential


unstoppable recovery momentum


your most

powerful life

And do everything in your power to ensure that this

ACL injury is your last one

Most high-achieving ACL warriors think that recovering from an injury shouldn’t be this hard...

They think that they have to:

you (21).png

Plow through the tough stuff on their own 

Shove the negative emotions aside


Become hyper-vigilant with food and PT exercises to stay on track

you (21).png
you (21).png

I’m here to tell you that this is a load of BS


and it's a sure-fire way to slow down your recovery...

Not speed it up!


Deep down you and I both know that you are a total badass in sports, your career, and life in general

AND you are also human

In fact, you can’t be the rockstar you are without being a human first


Which means acknowledging the messy parts of you, being real about what you’re truly experiencing, and clearly communicating that to others

Because the truth is, when you know how to confidently navigate the shitty feels and distracting thoughts that take you out of the game

You unlock the exact power only YOU have to speed up your healing process and get back to the life you love faster

Knowing that no matter what curveballs come your way in the future, you’ll always feel


This is exactly why I created my signature

you (19).png



It combines my 10+ years of experience recovering from ACL injuries with complicated, long-haul recoveries and the expertise I have as a Certified Mindset Coach + Doctor of Physical Therapy


PLUS the one piece that has always been missing

A clear and simple game plan designed just for you...

By a human who is there to listen, illuminate your blindspots, help you troubleshoot, and cheer you on every step of the way

this hasn't just worked for me -

it's worked for my clients too!

you (8).png

Mike, who confidently returned to high-level rock climbing after feeling consumed by anxiety and hopelessness when it seemed like one injury after another threatened an early athletic retirement 

Catie, who returned to running and cycling 99% pain-free after being sidelined from most forms of exercise for months because of constant chest pain … without feeling like she NEEDS exercise for her sanity

Christie, who returned to ultra-trail running races after hearing from so many other people that she would never be able to run again

want in on that?


Is an intimate 12-week experience for high-achieving humans with an ACL injury who want to heal faster and simultaneously pivot into their best life yet

This is the only group coaching experience of its kind

you (8).png

Mind AND body approach –  A learning platform designed to help you heal as a WHOLE HUMAN – because the body recovers stronger and faster when you create resilience from the inside out.

No human left behind – Short, easily digestible modules with simple and practical application tools that help you to maintain forward momentum + one week of integration between each phase so that you can integrate new skills and catch up on content when life happens.

Intimate and high-touch support – With a highly engaged Facebook Community and weekly group coaching calls, you have access to coaching whenever you want it. Each group cohort is designed to be cozy so that you can be seen and heard.

The answers and support you actually need – In this course you don’t get answers that seem to work for everyone else except you. The support you receive is personally customized to your needs every step of the way.

A loyal community that has your back – We all know tough seasons feel better when we can walk with people who GET IT and are moving through something similar at the same time. In this container, we’re in it together. We’re here to listen, journey with you as you work to get over the humps, and celebrate you no matter what stage of recovery you’re in.

We got you!

12 weekly group coaching calls with me where you get all the coaching you need to overcome your recovery speed bumps and maintain your confident, joyful, and purposeful self during each stage of recovery

3 private 1:1 coaching calls with Jen to get super clear on YOUR unique roadmap


Immediate access to pre-recorded coaching modules and workbooks so you can get ahead of the curve in the healing process and set yourself up for unbreakable success

BONUS content from nutrition professionals to help you establish an eating routine that feels good to YOU – guilt and worry-free

Highly engaged Facebook community that has your back NO MATTER WHAT every step of the way. We’re here to hear you AND help you move forward, launching you towards the finish line you dream of

Access to my SIGNATURE BRAVE METHODOLOGY to help you move FROM feeling frustrated, lost, and discouraged TO focused, connected, and unstoppable


I want to let you in on a secret...

When I was in your shoes recovering from my 2nd ACL injury that led to my retirement from competitive soccer, I HATED the idea of asking for help

I had always been the strong person that my friends and family leaned on

And I felt like if I reached out for support, people might think there was something wrong with me – that I was broken

It wasn’t until  the mental and emotional consequences of being sidelined from all rigorous physical activity started taking over my life that I gained the courage to speak up and advocate for myself

Because up until then I felt like I tried everything I knew to get my head into a clear space and be a pleasant human again:


    Like perfecting my PT exercises (and doing more of them)

    Eating extra clean

    And getting more sleep

But I  felt like I was only falling deeper into a dark hole of despair with no light in sight. 


I had no more energy to power through and fake it ‘til I made it anymore

I didn’t just want to slap on my happy face for show – I wanted to be able to smile and laugh from a genuinely happy place and finally know myself again

The longer I convinced myself to avoid asking for help, the more I learned this very important lesson

Struggling through an emotional roller coaster after being hit with a major curveball and navigating a tremendous life change did not make me weak

It made me a human … just like you

And the truth is – that as a human – you are wired for connection and you are not made to move through the heavy stuff alone

You’ll have seasons of life that feel smooth and easy, and you’ll have other ones that seem to push you to your limits

But when you surround yourself with customized support and guidance, you’ll find out that asking for help is your new super power

Because when you team up with an expert who’s been there before and knows what it takes to save you time, energy, and frustration as you navigate your way through the ups and downs of injury recovery,

You’ll collapse your timeline in a recovery journey that feels simple and fun!

Untitled design (29).png

The curriculum

you (8).png

Week 1:  Guarantee the recovery you want

Week 2:  Discover your areas of untapped healing potential

Week 3:    Integration Week


Week 4:    Overhaul the thought patterns that are holding you back


Week 5:   Navigate emotions with clarity and confidence

Week 6:    Integration Week


Week 7:   Become fluent in your body's communication so that you can prevent setbacks


Week 8:   Optimize your relationship with food to fuel your healing

Week 9:    Integration Week



Week 10:  Use your voice to create a deeply connected and supportive inner circle

Week 11:   Revitalize the strongest, most confident, and unstoppable you

Week 12:  Get back to a better than "normal" life -- even before your recovery is done

Want to make sure I'm the right coach for you?

watch this video!

Watch this video before making your decision!

The momentum you achieve inside this container catapults when you know you’re aligned with the type of coaching I do and the content you get.

  • Will I get personalized support in this program?
    Yes! One of the unique characteristics of this mastermind include community AND individual support. You will have the opportunity to be personally coached during group coaching calls when you submit your questions ahead of time. Additionally, you'll get 3 1:1 private coaching sessions with Jen to use while the group coaching container is active.
  • Who is this program for?
    This program is for humans who feel limited, lost, and frustrated while recovering from an ACL injury and want instead want to experience a fast, strong, and smooth journey. The people who generate the best results are the ones who show up each week with 150% effort and no excuses. They're also the people who are open to new perspectives and quickly implement the skills they learn.
  • Is this program going to give me an exercise and nutrition plan for my recovery?
    The short answer is no. Components of this program are designed to help you conquer the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings related to food and exercise that can become overwhelming when your body is sidelined. This program WILL include some support from a registered sports dietitian, who you may also choose to add as a member to your support team should this feel right for you.
  • What does this program give me that sessions with a talk therapist don’t?
    As I’ve heard from clients and experienced myself, depending on the therapist it can often feel like you’re only talking about why you’re stuck instead of taking action to move forward. In this container, it is still important to address the reasons that are keeping you in the place you don’t want to be, but we focus most on the solutions you’re actually seeking. Because the truth is, you move forward when you look forward – with trust and belief that good things are waiting for you ahead. The first step is gaining the confidence to make the decision that propels you forward.
  • What’s your coaching style?
    Having grown up in athletics and a family environment that pushed strength and excellence 24/7, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a “rough and tough” teaching style. It can often lead to feelings of fear, guilt, shame, sadness, and anger – which are all feelings associated with slower healing times when it comes to physical recovery… not to mention they’re no fun! Because I want to see you rock your recovery, feeling strong, confident and free the whole way through, I coach from a place of love and grace instead. To be clear, love does not always mean the ooey-gooey mushy stuff. It can also feel like something a little more direct without the sugar-coating, beat-around-the-bush routine that is actually not helpful for anyone. As Brene Brown says, “Clear is kind.” From the deepest places of love and compassion inside my heart, I help you to see blindspots that you may not notice, offer up different perspectives to help you create more opportunities for joy and speedy healing, and cheer you on in every win as you do the work to make your dream recovery a reality. I am not a coach who does the work for you or gives you the answers that I think will work best for you… because the truth is only YOU know those answers. I ask you the questions that will help you find them, so that you can build a recovery and life-beyond plan that is the best for YOU using tools you learn inside this mastermind.
  • What’s the time investment for this program?
    There will be one 55-minute group coaching call each week for 12 consecutive weeks. Each call will focus on questions you have after reviewing the content in the pre-recorded module the corresponding week. If you’re someone who likes to take your time working through content OR life happens to happen and you need some time to catch up, I got you! I’ve purposely built in integration weeks along the way to help you catch your breath and feel on track.
  • What are the call times? I don’t live in the US and I want to know if I’ll be able to make it.
    Great question! This group coaching experience is intentionally designed to accommodate your schedule wherever your home is. Group coaching calls will happen LIVE on Thursdays at 1PM PST. If you are unable to join the call as scheduled, you’ll have access to the replay. AND you’ll also be able to go back and review past calls again as many times as you want, as each call recording is available to you in your content platform. Your private coaching calls will happen at a time that works best for both Jen's and your schedule.
  • Do I have to be an athlete to join?
    No! After interacting with many people who call themselves athletes and other sports-loving humans who don’t call themselves athletes, it seems that the word “athlete” has a different definition for each person. This group coaching experience is designed for anyone who is committed to getting the best results possible in their recovery and life beyond.
  • Do I have to have gotten my surgery already to join?
    No! In fact, exposing yourself to the education and exercises in this group coaching experience even before you have surgery will level up your results that much more!
  • What if my ACL injury happened years ago? Can I still join?
    Yes! If you're injury happened a long time ago but you're return-to-sport or return-to-normal dreams still feel out of reach, then this is the perfect program for you.
  • What if I have another injury besides an ACL tear? Can I join?
    Unfortunately this group is designed for humans with an ACL injury only. But if the support you get in this container sounds like exactly the support you're looking for, then you can contact the team at Jen Davis Coaching via email ( and inquire about private 1:1 coaching.
  • Do I get access to all the modules at once?
    Yes! This is one of the game-changing features of this group coaching experience. You can hit the ground running with your own learning and action taking, and then show up to the group calls with questions that have come up for you after testing implementation of your new skills.
  • Is there a Facebook group for support?
    Yes – this is one of the magical characteristics of this group coaching experience, as it gives you a space to connect with other humans who are walking a similar path as you, building a compassionate, caring, and supportive community. The Facebook group is also your place to get coaching on demand if you don’t want to wait until the weekly group calls or your private coaching call. The more active you are in the Facebook group, the more support you get!
  • What happens when I apply?
    When you click the ‘APPLY’ button, you’ll be redirected to a form where I ask you about your injury, recovery thus far, and your goals to figure out if we are a good fit to work with each other. These questions help me to better understand your journey and what type of support will be most beneficial to you, so please be clear and specific in your responses. You’ll be notified via email whether you have been selected to participate in the upcoming round of the program. Then the magic starts happening from there!
  • Is this program covered by my health insurance?
    No. The content and support provided in this container goes far beyond what your health insurance recognizes as “medically necessary”. You and I both know that you aren’t willing to settle for your insurance company deciding how fast and smoothly your recovery goes. You have the choice to take that power back into your own hands!

Have questions?

you (8).png

You’re a human with an ACL injury and you're ready to be done with feeling lost and frustrated and instead feel powerful, clear, and successful consistently

You just got injured and are early in your recovery journey but want to get ahead of the curve in your rehab timeline to heal as fast as possible

You’ve been in your ACL injury recovery for awhile now and you’re ready to put in the work to finally close this chapter in your story

The most recent ACL injury has come after a series of other injuries, and you have an inkling that stress or something else in your life could be playing into your injury history

You are a committed action-taker and go-getter willing to do whatever it takes to feel confident, joyful, and fulfilled again

You're ready and willing to get vulnerable for the purpose of growth so that you can discover your untapped healing potential and kick it into high gear

This program is for you IF:

you (13).png

This program is not for you IF:

you (13).png

You’re worried that this level of investment in yourself will cause your stress and anxiety to skyrocket (Hint: these are two barriers that may already be complicating your recovery)

You’re perfectly content settling for subpar results or giving up on the dreams you currently have about the strong, powerful, and joyful life you want now and after this journey is done

You’re okay with settling for a delayed and/or complicated recovery that can be a consequence of chronic stress, fear, and anxiety

You’re looking for a quick fix or wanting someone else to do the work for you

You’re expecting to get back to “normal” overnight without any effort

You're quick to blame someone or something else when the results you experience are different than the ones you wanted

What happens when you apply?

When you click the ‘APPLY’ button, you’ll be redirected to a form where I ask you about your injury, recovery thus far, and your goals to figure out if we are a good fit to work with each other


These questions help me to better understand your journey and what type of support will be most beneficial to you, so please be clear and specific in your responses.


You’ll be notified via email whether you have been selected to participate in the next round of the program


And then the magic starts happening from there!

you (8).png

Imagine what it would be like to…

you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png
you (21).png

Feel free and confident in your body again, knowing deep down in your bones that you are perfectly on track and exactly where you’re supposed to be in your recovery process – even during those 2-step-back kind of days. 

Go on that epic vacation you planned 2 years ago and know that you’ll be able to experience mountain adventures and beach days worry-free


Return to olympic lifting and not just complete the lifts safely, but keep getting PRs


Complete your next round of half-marathon training AND hit a new personal best, feeling totally unstoppable in crushing your athletic goals


Play on the playground with your kids, feeling just as fearless as they do


Say YES to the next friends trip and truly mean it, because the worry you once had about keeping up with them is gone

Walk your dog whenever you want to, free from thoughts about your knee

You don’t have to imagine it much longer. This kind of recovery process is 100% possible for you when you join Team Unbreakable YOU.


So, are you ready to achieve the type of results that will even have your surgeon raving about you?

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